What's happening in the classroom?

@ Wexford ELC

Having fun in the Song Room

This is the longest snake we have ever touched!!

Family Reporting Day

A student talking to family members about his learning with the support of the teacher




 Practicing reading in a group.



 We can read by ourselves.



Our work shows we understand our reading.





 The older students been practising persuasive writing.



The younger students have been writing descriptions.




Lots of ducks and geese to feed on our Farm visit.



Writing about the farm.




There were lots of chickens at the farm. These chickens are black.



 After visiting the farm, we learn to write about the animals.




Students loved reading this big book 'Walking Through the Jungle',

then performing a play about the story.




Writing and illustrating the story.



Writing about the story.



The students had such fun printing with fruit

and vegetables in an art class.



The finished artwork!!



'Show  and Tell' is a good time to practise speaking

and listening skills with a toy from home.