General Information

The Geelong English Language Program




The Geelong English Language Centre (GELC) prepares newly arrived primary and secondary students from language backgrounds other than English for further study in Australian schools. 


Students typically spend six to twelve months of intensive English study at GELP before attending a mainstream school full time. In this time, the goal of GELP’s curriculum is to equip students with the English language skills and cultural understanding necessary to begin their transition into the Australian school system and wider community.


GELC operates an intensive English language instruction program. Students attend the program either five or four days per week depending on where they access the program. 



GELC programs operate in three sites:

  • Northern Bay College, Wexford Campus F- 8
    • Wexford Court, Corio
    • School hours 9.00am to 3.10pm
    • Days of attendance: Monday – Thursday
  • Northern Bay College, Hendy Street F- 8
    • Hendy Street, Corio
    • School hours 9.00am to 3.10pm
    • Days of attendance: Monday – Thursday
  • North Geelong Secondary College Years 7-10
    • 130 Separation St North Geelong
    • School hours 8.58am to 3.10pm
    • Days of attendance: Monday - Friday




Teaching and learning at a GELP is focussed on building effective communication skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. All the teaching staff at GELC are qualified English as an Additional Language (EAL) specialists. These teachers ensure students develop general and academic language skills across a selection of core subject areas.  In addition to developing their English language skills through the study of core subject areas, students are explicitly taught how to learn in the Australian classroom. This includes a focus on the student/teacher relationship, classroom conventions and learning strategies and skills that enable them to function in mainstream schools.

Students work in small groups with an average class size of 13 students. Classes are based on student year levels and English language proficiency.



Students may also be assisted in the classroom by Multicultural Education Aides (MEAs). MEAs help students to understand the school work and what is expected of them. MEAs enrich the learning experience by explaining concepts or instructions in the learner’s first language and are invaluable in assisting students and teachers to communicate with each other.


GELC provides intensive English programs to eligible students from language backgrounds other than English who are enrolled in Victorian Government primary and secondary schools in the Greater Geelong area.


To be eligible, students must be:

  • Aged between 5 and 18 years,
  • A permanent resident of Australia, or
  • The holder of an eligible temporary resident visa in Australia, and
  • Have been in Australia less than six months (18 months for prep entry students)


The GELC Outreach Officer in collaboration with the enrolling school will assess the English language learning needs of eligible newly arrived students and determine their suitability for the program.  If the student is offered a place the parent/guardian will be contacted for an enrolment interview. Interpreters will be available for this process if required.


If GELC does not have vacancies the student will be placed on the waiting list and contacted for enrolment once a place becomes available.



No cost to parents for this program



The length of stay in the program depends on the learning needs of the student. Generally students attend for two terms (6 months). This can be extended up to four terms (12 months) if necessary.





GELP places a strong emphasis on student welfare and understands the diverse needs of newly arrived students. As students enter the Program from a diverse range of cultures, first-language backgrounds, ages and educational backgrounds, GELP works with enrolling schools to ensure that students’ welfare needs are addressed.  GELP provides a supportive and nurturing environment that assists students to adjust to life in Australia.



5th Day

Students accessing the program at Northern Bay College, Wexford campus or Hendy Street will attend the program from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays students will attend their enrolling schools. This enables them to get to know their mainstream school, its staff, students, routines and expectations in a supported environment. It also provides a great chance for students to practise the English language skills they have been acquiring. This transition will be supported by GELP teachers and the GELP Transition Officer.



Generally families transport their children to and from the English Language Centre. The GELC Outreach Services Officer can assist families to make travel arrangements for their children.



Students wear the uniform of their enrolling school.



Students bring their own food for lunch and snack.



Any medicines students require should be given to GELC staff to administer as necessary. In the case of an emergency parents will be contacted. Parents are required to keep their contact details up to date with their enrolling school.



Students are enrolled in GELP through their enrolling school. They cannot enrol directly with GELC.

Schools will require the following documentation:

  • Passport or travel documents
  • Current visa


Students arriving late or leaving the English Language Centre early must sign in or out at the school office.



When students are absent contact the English Language Centre on site at either Wexford or North Geelong Secondary School.



GELC administration Coordinator


Ph:  52 783 548

Mob: 0419 870 439