Things You May Need to know

Who can enrol in GELC?

The New Arrivals Program at GELC is open to primary and secondary students already enrolled in Victorian government schools. They must be within 6 months of arrival in Australia or 18 months for foundation students.

Can students from private or Catholic schools attend GELC?

No. The New Arrivals Program at GELC is only open to primary and secondary students enrolled in Victorian government schools. 

How to enrol in GELC?

To enrol in GELC contact your child’s school and ask about GELC. They will organise the enrolment.

Can adults enrol in GELC?

No. GELC is for school aged students.

Travel to and from English Language Centres

Generally families transport their children to and from the English Language Centre. Students travelling from distances greater than 4.8 km may be eligible for government travel subsidies.  GELC can help families make travel arrangements. Please speak to your child’s GELC teacher or the GELC Outreach Services Officer to access assistance with travel.

What is the cost?

GELC programs are free for students to access.

What do students wear to GELC?

Students wear the uniform of their local enrolling school.

How long is the New Arrivals Program?

Students generally complete 2 to 4 terms at GELC depending on their individual needs and circumstances.

What happens when students complete GELC?

When they finish GELC, students return to full time study at their local enrolling school. If further assistance is needed, schools can contact GELC for ongoing support.