Wexford - Northern Bay College

What is happening at Wexford?

GELC Swimming Program

In our GELC Swimming program, students attended the pool for a week had a great time learning water safety skills. 

GELC Play-based Learning

In GELC Play-based learning  children actively engage with people, objects and the environment. When playing, children may be organising, constructing, manipulating, pretending, exploring, investigating, creating, interacting, imagining, negotiating and making sense of their worlds. It promotes a broad range of literacy and numeracy skills and the teachers use the play in speaking and writing activities. 

The language of Maths

Students enjoy playing games to help learn the vocabulary of mathematics. We  use blocks and counters to solve addition and subtraction problems.


We are writing recounts and retells this term and we are working on sequencing events and sentence construction. 

'Wildlife Exposure' Incursion

As part of our topic on Australian Life,  our GELC centres were visited by ‘Wildlife Exposure’ and encounterd many amazing Australian animals. Some students were brave enough to hold some of the animals.